How to Groom Your Havanese

How to Groom Your Havanese

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Our How to Groom Your Havanese video will teach you all you need to know about grooming your Havanese dog! Grooming your dog yourself may be a daunting task at first, but with our informative and easy-to-follow videos, you’ll be great at in no time! Follow up with another one of our grooming videos like How to Upkeep Between Groomings!

Watch the video above for a step-by-step demonstration, or if you can’t watch the video, then read below for a written transcript.

How to Groom Your Havanese - Text Version

Starting with the face, gently comb through the hair below the eyes. Use your fingers to loosen any accumulated gunk near the eyes. Use scissors to cut away any stained hairs, being careful not to cut too close to the skin. Do this for both eyes.
Use a slicker brush to brush out the fur on the muzzle, and then cut the whiskers to a uniform length.

Time to move onto the body! Get out your clippers and #3, #5, and #7 blades. Hold your dog with its back against you, and stretch it up onto its hindlegs. Use the clippers with the #7 blade to trim the hair on the belly and along the inside of the hindlegs.
Then, switch to the #3 blade on your clippers, and drag it along the hairs on the back (going with them, not against!) to trim the ends into an even length. Switch to the #5 blade and repeat this process, trimming along the slides, belly, and legs as well. Go until your Havanese is evenly trimmed across their body!
Use your slicker brush along your Havanese’s body to loosen any stuck trimmed hairs and then use your clippers to catch any stragglers. In addition, trim the hair on the chest now, using either a #5 blade (for a shorter cut) or a #3 blade (for a longer cut).

Pick up your slicker brush again, this time using it to brush out the ear and chin hairs! Use your scissors to cut an even line across the ends of the brushed out ear and chin hairs. Use the slicker brush to once again brush out the ear hairs, this time holding the hairs afterward between your thumb and pointer finger. Still holding the hairs, use your scissors to cut the hairs in a straight line. Then, brush out the ear and chin hairs again, and carefully cut the ends of the chin hairs with your scissors.
Repeat this process on both sides; ideally, you want there to be a line from ear to ear and across the bottom of the chin. The line should slope in toward the chin, forming a soft and subtle “U”.
Next, trim the hairs around the face and eyes to a short, even length. Cut the hairs on the back side of the ears into a gentle slope downward.

Holding one of your dog’s front legs up, use a slicker brush to brush the hair out along the bottom as straight as possible, and then use scissors to cut the hairs into a straight line. Using the scissors, carefully cut the hair beneath the paws and around the paw pads, taking care not to cut the paw pads themselves. Cut the hairs at the end of the paw, avoiding the nails, so that the paw forms a “U” shape.
Using the slicker brush to brush out the hairs into a straight line and your scissors to trim, repeat the process on all sides of the leg and all two front legs.

Use your slicker brush to brush out the hair on a hindleg, and then use your clippers to trim the hair along the top of the hindleg (not the lower leg!) and rear area. You can use either a #5 blade or a #3 blade, depending if you want a shorter or longer cut, respectively. Use your scissors to trim the hairs on the lower half of the hindleg, as well as the hairs between the paw pads and along the foot. Again, be careful not to cut the paw pads themselves! Use your slicker brush to straighten out the hairs when necessary while trimming with scissors.  Repeat the process on the other hindleg.

Brush your Havanese out once more using your slicker brush, and use your scissors to trim off any stragglers.

That’s it! You’re done! Congratulations on grooming your Havanese!

how to groom your Havanese

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